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Kim Kardashian’s Foaming Outrage

by | 3rd, June 2008

kim-kardashian-arse.jpgTHE Sun says Kim Kardashian, “the Playboy favourite “has been accused of bolstering her booty with the help of foam pants”.

The paper dispatches its reporter to investigate (aka surf the web) and finds that maybe Kardashian is “rear-ly” telling the truth.

Anorak defers to Dr David Holmes, a psychology lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, and his formula for the perfect bottom:

(S+C) X (B+F)/ T-V – S (shape), B (bounce), F (firmness), V (symmetry) and T (texture).

At the time of the original study in April 2006, Kardashian was in the shadow of Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue – Dr Holmes said the Austrian chanteuse would “almost certainly” score a perfect 80, ahead of Max Wall (79), the female baboon (78) and an evening with Lembit Opik and the Cheeky Girls (77, 76 and 38, respectively).

Might it be that in those two years, bum technicians have perfected the perfect foam inlay to wear between skin and paints, so creating the ideal 80?

More investigations are required, and until we get to the bottom of this… etcetera etcetera…

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