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Stan Romanek’s Alien Was On Strange Universe In 1997

by | 3rd, June 2008

stan-romanek-alien.jpgSTAN Romanek is a Coloradan who claims he’s been the target of alien abduction for years.

Romanek wanted to know who was peering into his windows when he lived in Nebraska, and he claims to have caught this image on tape as the alien appeared.

One Jeff Peckman of Denver got his hands on the video and is now calling for the city to set up a local Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.

The story appeared on all the major US news organs, including Fox News and CNN.Now Tabloid Baby takes a look and finds that it all seems more than a little familiar:

On Friday, we reported exclusively that new video, supposedly showing an extraterrestrial alien peeking through a house window was apparently a ten-year-old videotape that was broadcast on national television on November 24, 1997 on the television series Strange Universe.

We of course, turned the “Alien In The Window” story to Tabloid Baby pal, contributor, columnist, TV, movie and music video star, anomalyst and ufologist Dr. Franklin Ruehl Ph.D. The doctor’s report is even more surprising than our own. He remembers a similar-looking video dating back even farther!

Dr Franklin Ruehl will now address the class:


by Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.

When a Denver man named Jeff Peckman, who claims he has been in contact with ETs, promised to show a video of an alien last Friday, he immediately raised a red flag concerning it by refusing to allow it to be filmed by the press.

My initial thought was that he feared that it would be subjected to computer scrutiny which could reveal that it was a clever fabrication.

However, upon seeing the report on it in, I realized that he probably was more fearful that it would be recognized as footage that has been around at least since 1994, material that he appropriated rather than shot himself.

Specifically, I covered the footage he displayed in 1994 on the nationally syndicated TV program, “Weird TV,” as part of my segments entitled “The Doctor Ruehl Show.” The brief video showed a mother and daughter (who was reading a book) sitting on a sofa in the living room while a possible alien entity levitated up and down at a window behind them. When the daughter looked over to her mother, the alien jumped out of sight, reminiscent of the ET bedeviling William Shatner in the “Twilight Zone ” episode, ‘Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.”

It was not at all clear who shot the footage.

In addition to commentary by Lawrence Davis, a viewer from Middlerock, Arkansas, who submitted it, we included an analysis by noted ufologist John Carpenter indicated that the enigmatic figure could have been an extraterrestrial. I stressed in my overview at the time that the levitating entity could conceivably be an ET from a high-gravity planet, such as Jupiter, since it would be able to move more freely in our lower-gravity environment, just as our lunar astronauts were able to hop around on the moon’s surface due to its lower gravity (1/6th of earth’s).

In addition to being aired on “Weird TV,” the video was also featured on “Strange Universe” in 1997, and conceivably elsewhere.

It is my thesis, my contention, that the universe is literally teeming with life, that life is indeed the common denominator of the cosmic backdrop. Within this context, it is certainly within the realm of feasibility that advanced ETs at some point in time landed on terra firma. Interestingly, Peckman showed a strikingly similar, but apparently different, “alien in the window” video that purportedly comes from Nebraska in 2003. Both videos could conceivably be evidence of an alien visitation.

On the other hand, one or both may be entirely apocryphal, and definitely need to be subjected to careful analysis by video experts to assess its true status. Although the 2003 video has been authenticated by a professor from the Denver Film School, both require further analysis.

May the Power of the Cosmos be with You!

Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.


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