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Knife Amnesty And Paedos

by | 4th, June 2008

A LOOK at knives, drugs and paedos:

Lots of Chavs and a couple of Nice kids have been stabbed recently. This is generally thought to be a bad thing and there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth with anguished cries of “something must be done” and “won’t they please think of the Children”. There is to be a ‘knife amnesty‘ in the forlorn hope that the people who are most likely to stab are going to take part… (snigger… do the authoritarian lefties/daily mail tendency axis really think this will work?). Naturally ever more draconian laws against knives will mean the prosecution of fruit-eaters and chefs. Stabbings will not fall, but the tabloid fear mongering machine will eventually move onto something else. Paedos or drugs, probably. Meanwhile the real cause: bored unemployed youths seeking “respect” by arming themselves and generally carrying on like animals seeking alpha-male status in their own, shallow gene pool will continue to shank each other. So long as it’s shit on shit, no-one will really care.


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