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Celebrity Global Warming: Selling Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes

by | 5th, June 2008

RADAR magazine has details of a spoof conversation between an agency trying to drum up interest in a global warming awareness book for kidzzzz by Lourdes Ciccone, jobbing daughter to Madonna.

I’m an entertainment agent at ICM. I work with Angela Becker, who’s one of Madonna’s managers. We’re trying to shop around ideas for a book and gauge initial interest.

Oh, wow! Yeah.

Her daughter, Lourdes, has written an essay that Madonna’s interested in turning into an illustrated book. It’s an essay for school on global warming—she’s in fifth grade now. It’s basically tips on global warming for kids. Madonna read it, and her teacher loved it, and we’re thinking it could make a good illustrated book for kids.


I haven’t seen the essay myself, but they gave me some bullet points to run through with you to see if it might be a possible idea. Basic tips like “bike whenever possible, don’t take car services.” I guess it’s more for upscale kids and how they can reduce global-warming footprints.

Is she open to brainstorming different ideas for a global-warming book?

We could certainly talk to her. She’s a good kid. You’ll see by these bullet points that she’s had a very sheltered upbringing. The third bullet point she has for me is, “Plant as many trees as possible around your home and estates.” I could see tailoring that to saying, “Plant trees in your neighborhood,” for instance.


She also says, “Ask your parents to make your homes solar-powered.” She uses the plural homes, but I could see her saying, “Have them make your home solar-powered.”

Okay. How would this be illustrated? Is she interested in getting an illustrator?

That’s the other thing that’s great. Madonna is close friends with Sting, and Sting’s son, he’s 14 or 15, they’re talking about having him illustrate it. They faxed me over one of his drawings, and he’s a very talented artist. Could we do that, or do you handle your own illustration in-house?

Generally, we match up illustrators ourselves, but sometimes things come attached to an illustrator. What’s Sting’s son’s name?

I think it’s Jeffrey.

Okay, great.

Madonna would be interested in getting involved somewhat, but she really wants to make it Lourdes’ project. Not have it be “I got this because I’m Madonna’s daughter.”


I’m sure she’d do that. I’m thinking about book tours. I don’t think she’s the kind of person who’d go along on the book tour with her daughter. She’d feel she was stealing her thunder. She’s trying to build up self-esteem for Lourdes, and doesn’t want her to think that everything she got is because of her mom, you know?

Right. That’s fine. So she’s just willing to promote it in her own … yeah.

Madonna obviously has a bit of a checkered reputation. Are you okay with Madonna promoting a book for kids?

Oh, definitely. It’s Madonna!

Yes, she is.


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