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World Environment Day: Do The Opposite

by | 5th, June 2008

IT’S World Environment Day. Here”s some to dos for the environment:

  • Screw Organics – Conventionally raised beef steers emit less polluting methane gas than steers raised organically. (more here…)
  • Go Nuclear – Per kilowatt-hour, a nuclear power plant emits 6 percent as much carbon as a plant fired by natural gas. (more here…)
  • Live Urban – Cities are more energy-efficient than suburbs, exurbs, or rural communities.
  • Crank the aircon – Cooling a home in Arizona produces 93 percent fewer CO2 emissions than warming a house in New England.
  • Farm the Forests – Old trees are very bad for the planet.
  • China is the Solution – Not the problem.
  • Accept GM – Food production need to be optimised.
  • Carbon Trading Doesn’t Work – It’s the environmental version of sub-prime lending
  • Don’t switch to a Hybrid Car – stick with your old one or buy 2nd hand.


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