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The Thong Bandits’ Metrosexual Casebook

by | 7th, June 2008

thong-bandits.jpgOBSERVE the picture to the left.

Gleaned from CCTV footage, the image shows two “thong bandits” robbing a shop in Arvada, Colorado, of cash and cigarettes.

Indeed, it could be any one of any number of armed forces personnel out on a jolly, or more likely it’s Joaquin Rico, 19, and his metrosexual 24-year-old alleged accomplice, Joseph R Espinoza.

One man wore a green thong and the other wore blue. And as you can see, the garments barely covered the men’s features, leaving most of their faces exposed.

One wonders how much better things would have turned out for the bandits had they been operating in the 1980s, when boxer shorts were in vogue, or indeed in the 1960s when Y-fronts were the go ahead fashion of the day and with their peek-a-boo design, ideal for acts of skulduggery and subterfuge?

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