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Rupert Everett’s War

by | 8th, June 2008

rupert_everett.jpg“CONTROVERSIAL” actor Rupert Everett says British working in Iraq and Afghanistan are “whining wimps”.

The Mail says the 49-year-old’s father is a “retired major and has relatives who earned Victoria Crosses”. Everett served one year in the Army Cadets while at the Ampleforth public school. Everett knows.

Says he: “The whole point of being in the Army is wanting to get killed.”

Coincidentally, Everett is fronting the Channel 4 documentary The Victorian Sex Explorer, a star vehicle based on the exploits of 19th Century soldier and adventurer Sir Richard Burton.

That show’s title suggests Everett is wrong and that as well as dying, soldiering is about sticking something pole-shaped in something foreign. Andf if you must die, let it be from an STD.

Everett has more to say. And the Mail enjoys listening to and affecting shock as a hammy middle-aged actor plays up.

“I’m totally off the States now. The reaction to 9/11 and then George Bush – really, they’ve got very blobby as a nation.”

Like totally, Rupert.

“Now they are whiny victims whose language is entirely taken from two TV shows – Friends and Sex And The City – and there’s nothing sexy about them any more.”

Like totally, Rupert.

“And that kind of semi-blindness about the rest of the world, which was attractive when America was exciting, is really unattractive now.”

If Anorak were to translate, this may sound like: “America no longer finds me sexy and even I find my louche British toff routine bland.”

But we have no time. A war is raging and in readiness we are reading the Mail, watching Shrek The Third and wondering if what we are fighting for is worth it…

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