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Thomas Beatie Has It Every Way

by | 9th, June 2008

thomas-beatie-anorak.pngYESTERDAY the News of the World, the Sun on Sunday, delivered the front page shocker: “MY BABY JOY – By world’s first pregnant man.”

It was billed as a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”.

Of course we already heard of Thomas Beatie, who claims to be pregnant. Thomas, born Tracy Lagondino, changed sex ten years ago but kept his ovaries and womb so he could have children. Says Thomas: “I feel on top of the world.

One day on and the Sun’s Jane Moore opines:

ROLL up, roll up, behold one of the modern world’s most extraordinary sights. A pregnant woman with a beard. “Thomas” Beatie may be cashing in on his alleged status as the first ever man to conceive a child but, sorry, I’m just not buying it.

Because “he kept all the female organs needed to have a baby should he so choose. Therefore, this is not, I repeat NOT, ‘the world’s first pregnant man’ as sold”.

Says The NOTW: “And the photos from his past document his transformation from a Hawaiian beauty called Tracy Lagondino into the man he is today.”

Is Beatie trying to have it every way? Is the Sun?

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