Anorak News | Naomi Campbell Operates To Have Children

Naomi Campbell Operates To Have Children

by | 9th, June 2008

naomi-campbell1.jpgOVER the celebrity newswires, Anorak learns that Naomi Campbell has “undergone surgery to enable her to have children”.

The catwalk queen, 38, is desperate to become a mother and recently had an operation to help her fulfil her dream.

Says the mo-del: “Now I can have a child I would like one. I’m even willing to have one without a father. I know that I am ready.”

One wonders how Campbell has been altered to be able to bare children, and if Thomas Beatie has been an inspiration. Might Campbell have been man all along, a sex shocker unrivalled by even Noel Edmonds’ more generous bottom and Anthea Turner’s rumoured love of intimate scratching.

Says Campbell:”I know that with a baby I would change, I’d calm down. With a child you cannot accept compromises.”

Either the nanny does as she’s told or she can face the consequences…

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