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Cinders The Celebrity Pig Is Allergic To Mud

by | 11th, June 2008

cinders-the-pig.jpgCINDERS the pig is allergic to mud, or mud intolerant as her newly acquired celebrity status demands her condition be known.

Six-week-old Cinders might have mysophobia, a fear of dirt.

Owner and sausage farmer Andrew Keeble from Thirsk, North Yorks, has equipped her with wellington boots. “Lo and behold they fitted her like a glove,” Mr Keeble tells the BBC.

“She’s scared of mud, but her brothers and sisters are quite happy in it. We’ve never come across this before. They are born really to go and explore, but she never really liked going in the mud.”

And now she’s famous she won’t be slaughtered. Indeed, she’s now the mascot for Mr Keeble’s campaign to raise money for the Farm Crisis Network, which supports struggling farmers.

Cinders is famous, and reviewing the following pr0ojects:

Celebrity Pig Brother – Cinders moves into a one-storey bungalow with Pinky and Perky, Porky Pig, Babe, Piglet, the Three Little Pigs and the Little Pig Who Went Wee-Wee-Wee all the way home

Loos Women – Pig lives and laughs with Rebecca Loos

How Clean Is My Sty – Cinders tours the country’s farms, and turns her nose up at the muck some pigs live inSow Purse – The Ultimate Extreme Sewing Show in which stitchers try to make a silk purse from Cinder’s ear – which are plentiful in supply having been grown in a Petri dish and graphed onto a laboratory mouse

Bringing Home Da Bacon – Cinders quizzes our elected leaders on economic policy

And many more…

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