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Dog Swept Up And Killed By Road Sweeper

by | 15th, June 2008

sweep.jpg“THE animal was like a family member in my house,” says Robert Machin, the dog’s owner.

Mr Machin is reported to be completely torn over losing Ginger, his Boston terrier, and he can’t believe how it happened.

“Just being dragged into that machinery and killed in that fashion,” saysMachin.

When Machin broke the news to his mother, Carmen Canizares, he says she nearly collapsed.

“You have no idea, you have no idea,” she said.

Ginger and her mate, Buster, were both on leashes on the side of the street when the sweeper approached. Witnesses say the vehicle was moving at about 30 or 40 mph, much faster than the 10 mph it’s supposed to go, and that the driver was listening to headphones.

“He came so close to the car that he sucked the dog off the leash,” said Isamar Maldonado, who saw the horrifying incident.

“He was not paying attention, and while you’re on duty you’re not supposed to [have headphones] on.”

Witnesses say they chased the truck for blocks, but when he finally stopped they say he refused to shut down the mechanical broom.

“We couldn’t believe that man could be driving that fast and sweep up the little dog like he was a piece of garbage or something, and then not even say ‘I’m sorry’,” said Maldonado.

The Department of Sanitation issued a statement regarding the incident and said it will investigate.


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