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London Heils New German Cabs

by | 16th, June 2008


No, not that one mate, I would not be seen dead in your cab. No, stop with your pleading. Yes, yes, you’ll take me and a black–faced friend of my choosing anywhere, and you are a bona fide cabbie, even though you have a satnav on the dashboard.

Anorak is getting into a different cab. Choice is all and Anorak is choosing to take the new taxi, the one produced by Germany’s Mercedes corporation. Indeed, one world cup and two world wars, but no tip, sir, not today.

The Vito Traveliner is a six-seater people carrier, reports the Evening Standard. It has that has been adapted in this country to achieve the 25-ft turning circle demanded by the Carriage Office for licensed cabs. German drivers are thus able to drive tourists about in circles as effectively as their Cockney rivals.

Here’s one now. Let’s heil it (geddit?)

Cor, luvvus, guv’nor. Those Croatian taught us right royal lesson. And to fink they were out allies in war and all.


I had that Martin Borman in the back of me cab once, lovely fella.

Continues until hell freezes over, or we reach Dollis Hill…

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