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by | 23rd, June 2008

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How can we be sure our clothes are ethically made? (BBC)

Aside from underwear and socks, I purchase my clothes from second-hand shops or I trade my clothes at smaller boutiques. I primarily do this because it’s much less expensive, there’s a better guarantee on the quality (as it “stood the test of time”), and because I really dislike being “trendy”. I see it as an added bonus that I am not putting money directly in the hands of sweatshops but instead giving to charity organizations like the Salvation Army.

Tania, Denver, Colorado

WTF!? U meen it wasn’t a Dikkins costoom drama?

Arti Dodger, Mankchester

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s bad quality. Some of the stuff these kids make is good, and cheaper than making it yourself. They do ok out of it, they certainly looked well enough on the BBC news. If it was made here in the UK, instead of it being £3, it would be £33 at least and I wouldn’t be able to afford it. If you’ve ever been to one of these retail outlets when there’s a sale on, you’ll see just how skint most of us are now in Labour’s dream world. Come on you kids get sewing!

Nigel Clark, Lincoln, United Kingdom

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