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My Bloody Valentine Take Off Music And Pete Paphides

by | 24th, June 2008

MY Bloody Valenltine, a pop group, have reformed. Earplugs are handed out to concernt goers. This in the Times:

Just as earthquakes have epicentres, My Bloody Valentine have the co-frontman Kevin Shields – the self-styled architect of the band’s “glide” guitar sound…

So it was a noise? Well, in part, yes. But one of almost subsonic, wind-generating magnitude, such as a space shuttle might make when taking off.

But even space shuttles can’t sustain this whatever-it-was for upwards of 20 minutes. My Bloody Valentine, on the other hand, stood stock-still staring at a crowd who in turn saw fit to react in a number of ways. Most put fingers in ears that already had earplugs in them. Some used phones to photograph the “noise”. In a sort of indie-rock equivalent to theatregoers who pointedly laugh at Shakespearean humour, some closed their eyes and danced along.


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