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Bynum And Weeks Undo The Bowtie

by | 25th, June 2008

weeks.jpgNEWS from the advertorial pulpit that US televangelist Juanita Bynum and husband Thomas W. Weeks III, authors of Teach Me How to Love: The Beginnings, have ended their marriage in divorce court.

The official separation comes “several months after an altercation in an Atlantic hotel parking lot landed Weeks in jail on charges he choked and beat his wife”.

Weeks ultimately pleaded guilty to assaulting her and is serving three years’ probation.

She is said to have left the courthouse smiling. “I said from the beginning of this situation that this, too, shall pass, and it just did,” she said.

“It feels like a new day,” he said outside court, adding he still has a “special love” for Bynum.

Anorak was on the point of donating a lung and all future earnings to the couple’s Satan fighting fund but now thinks better of it, especially since all pictures viewed of Bishop Weeks reveal him to be man dressed in a pink or purple bowtie.

One cannot help but wonder if his tie matches his socks, and if it remains on throughout acts of coitus, bicycling to the vicarage and smoking a large cigar?

Other notable bowtie wearers are TV chef Keith Floyd, Louis Farrakhan, Robert Maxwell, Billy Bunter, Pee Wee Herman, Frank Muir, The Cat In the Hat and Batman’s The Penguin, a veritable rogues’ gallery.

We wonder if Bynum met Weeks when he was wearing a bowtie and, if so, whether she should have realised what she was in for..?

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