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Bald Men Banned From Holding Passports

by | 26th, June 2008

passport.jpgIAN Down has had his passport rejected because his head is too shiny.

The Mirror says the 42-year-old had his passports pictures taken in a booth and was shocked when they were rejected by the passport office.

“I am shocked. I told them what it was but they said some countries might not let me in if they saw it.”

Has it come to this that bald persons are personas non grata in some countries, such as Finland where fat bald men can be mistaken for Don DeLuise and rushed by fans?

The Mirror lines up a gallery of other people not welcome here, such as those with fringes, smilers, sunglasses wearers and people in hats.

Anorak has been to the airport and can says with little doubt that no passport picture bears any likeness to the bearer who by the time they have reached customs are either pale and fearful of being cleansed by a large man wearing a washing up glove and smirk red with rage at being stared at…

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