Anorak News | Claire Hoffman Under Amy Winehouse’s Skin

Claire Hoffman Under Amy Winehouse’s Skin

by | 26th, June 2008

ROLLING Stone’s Claire Hoffman is in Amy Winehouse’s house. So Amy, tell me about your music:

When she returns, she teeters over to the living room, moves the array of bottles and glasses aside and asks Nicole for a massage: “Press my face, Remi.” She sits in front of Nicole, puts down a pillow and then jogs off to get massage oil and paper towels. “Will you just sit still?” asks Nicole, who seems distinctly sober. In a matter of minutes, Winehouse has moved Nicole again, this time to the couch, and she’s burying her head into her lap as Nicole works diligently on Winehouse’s small, gnarled back.

And the music…

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