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Big Brother: Dennis, Sylvia And Alex May Be Back

by | 2nd, July 2008

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BIG Brother’s “most hated”, the show within the show, starring Alexandra De Gale (pow!), Sylvia Barrie (hisss!) and Dennis McHugh (spit!) is to reach an epic climax.

The Star reports that the trio plan to make a return for the show’s finale to eke out there moment of fame, or as the Star puts it:

“Alex and Sylvia and Dennis are planning to cause chaos as the show reaches its climax by breaching security to confront their deadly enemies”

Cripes! Seems like Big Brother can be taken outside, and we might all become embroiled in the row.

Perhaps things can be altered and we the people can be placed within the house, away from telly and papers, and they the reaple can be without..?

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