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How To Convert Atheists And Fight Evolution

by | 7th, July 2008

RICHARD Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens cannot be converted by conventional means:

Dr Dinho – a reader writes:

Help, my niece is being taught evolution!

Claudia C. writes with concern for her young niece being taught evolution in school. Jonathan Sampson responds with a few suggestions.

My ten-year-old niece came home and asked me about creation. She said they taught her in school that we came from monkeys.

…There are essentially two things that you can do from here. You can encourage the isolation of your niece, and get her out of that environment, or you can insulate her and prepare her for that environment. Isolation can be done through private Christian schooling, or even home schooling. Ministries like ours exist to help you insulate your children. Our desire is to get them ready to face this world and the things it will confront them with.


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