Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Justice Hogg Says, Portugal Reacts And No Evidence

Madeleine McCann: Justice Hogg Says, Portugal Reacts And No Evidence

by | 8th, July 2008

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POLICE yesterday agreed to show Madeleine McCann’s parents 81 witness statements. The couple’s detectives will study the confidential documents and re-interview the witnesses.

And what have we learned so far, after 14 months of inbestigating – other thn a child is missing?

Her GP mum Kate and heart consultant dad Gerry, both 40.

Says High Court Judge Mrs Justice Hogg: At the court in London, the judge said:

“There is, of course, one person who knows what has happened to Madeleine and where she may be found.

“I ponder about that person – whether that person has a heart and might understand what it must be like for Madeleine to have been taken and secreted from her parents and siblings and those she loved and felt secure with.

“I entreat that person, whoever they may be, to show mercy and compassion and come forward now and tell us where Madeleine is to be found.”

DAILY MAIL: “Judge’s impassioned plea to Madeleine abductor: ‘Show mercy’

The judge’s unequivocal support for the McCanns is likely to attract criticism in Portugal, where there has been resentment over perceived interference in the case by the British Government.

Likely? The Mail offers no evidence of any criticism.

THE GUARDIAN: “Police disclose possible leads to McCanns”

So let’s review the facts:

The couple’s counsel, Tim Scott QC, told the judge yesterday there was no proof that Madeleine was alive, “but there is not a scrap of evidence that she is not”.

Madeleine McCann: The no news news story

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