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Ah, Abu Qatada, You’re Spoiling Us

by | 10th, July 2008

NO pile of gold-paper wrapped chocolate on a silver salver but the Mail assures readers that Abu Qatada is Al Qaeda’s ambassador in Europe.

Trills the front-page headline: “Shopping in the sun, preacher of hate we set free but can’t kick out of Britain.”

“£800,000 home, a life on benefits, no wonder Al Qaeda ambassador Abu Qatada’s smiling,” says the paper.

Life was ever easy for a diplomat in London with his political immunity, the right to park anywhere, “fondling his prayer beads”. Although readers may note that Qatada’s rented home is falling in value and at the time of writing is worth £750,000, or nearest offer.

Qatada is here because:

Lawyers successfully argued in the Court of Appeal that Qatada could stay because evidence used against him in any prosecution in Jordan might have been obtained by torture – a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Now, rather than being locked in a jail or hung by the testicles on a rusty nail, Qatada is free to sit at home for 22 hours a day with an electronic tag on his arm, tuned into Jeremy Kyle and under constant surveillance.

When he does emerge, he is watched by police, security services and the Mail’s snappers. He may soon beg to return to jail to escape this torture.

On a brighter note, Qatada should use his celebrity to good effect. Readers see that his shopping trip has reaped a jumbo pack of toilet roll and a six pack of diet Coca Cola.

Ah, ambassador, you spoil us…

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