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Vicar Begs Like A Vagrant

by | 10th, July 2008

WE join the Reverend Derek Rigby dressed in a wig and some torn clothes, surrounded with lager cans and syringes. He has not shaved for three days and sports drawn-on tattoos.

Just another Sunday morning at the General Synod? Not this time.

The BBC reports that “most of the congregation at the Trinity Methodist Church in Prestatyn, Denbighshire, ignore the intruder” sat on the church steps.

Indeed. Not one of them gives him a good kicking.

Says Rigby: “I couldn’t take the car in case anyone spotted it, so I walked from my home to the church. That was interesting, because my neighbours avoided me.”

Had he driven, someone may have mistaken his car as stolen, called the police and they would have given him a good kicking.

“I had bought clothes from a charity shop – which were immaculate – so I had to dirty them up a bit and I poured a bit of lager on them.

“When I got to the church I arranged a couple of cans and some plastic syringes, without needles, which I have at home for the dog. It gave the impression of a real down and out.”

Reverend Rigby uses syringes on his dog, which he foolishly left at home and failed to attach to a piece of string and a sign saying “He’s gonna eat me”. Our down and out goes on:

None of them spoke to me, apart from a few who told me off and told me to get away from their cars, which they kept checking. They all ignored me.”

And then the coup de grace. The Reverend peels off the weird get up and dressed in a black cloak and white dog collar in case the kiddies mistake him for a fetishist, Goth or beggar.

Pass the collection plate – and don’t be shy with the biscuits…

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