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Bigger Bills For Bigger Bras At M&S

by | 11th, July 2008

SAYS Beckie Williams, founder of Bust 4 Justice, on Radio Five Live: “That’s fair enough. But they don’t apply the same policy to other clothes that use more material and more resources to make as well.

“I just think it should be one policy for all items of clothing.”

Ms Williams beef is with Mark and Spencer which charges more for some of its bras that are DD cup or larger.

Williams calls it “an unfair tax”. Says she: “This is not something that we have chosen… If you don’t charge a size 20 woman more for a pair of trousers, then why should you pay more for an E cup bra?”

This appears to be an oversight on the part of retailers who will most probably respond to Williams’ campaign by upping the cost of clothing in larger sizes.

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