Anorak News | Seven Stabbed To Death In Crazy 32-Hour Day

Seven Stabbed To Death In Crazy 32-Hour Day

by | 12th, July 2008


So says the Daily Express.

The Mail chimes in with: “SIX stabbed to death in just 24 hours as Blade Britain’s knife epidemic spirals out of control.”

But not as out-of-control as in the Express, which sees seven killed in “just 32 hours”.

The Independent does the maths: “Seven killed in a brutal 24 hours

Journalists are not famed for their grasp of maths but surely between them the Express’s John Chapman and John Twomey could agree that 24 hours make up one day, in the traditional sense?

Of course, the Express is, ait confesses, “TEN times better than the Mail”, and as any Express hack will tell you, seven is precisely ten times six…

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