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Web Of Sin: A Convicted Rapist On Facebook

by | 15th, July 2008

WEB OF SIN – Anorak’’s occasional look at social networking in the tabloids

“RAPEBOOK,” says the Sun. “Broadmoor beast lures girls on networking site.”

The Sun shows readers one Gary Lee Dyer, a convicted rapist currently resident in the Broadmoor hospital, a mental asylum “intended for the reception, safe custody and treatment of persons who had committed crimes while actually insane or who became insane whilst undergoing sentence of punishment”.

News is that Dyer has a page on Facebook on which he says: “I am looking for someone to write to me… 18 years plus please… looking for friendship.”

The Sun is aghast that Dyer, who has no direct access to the internet and whose Facebook page is maintained by a “friend”, fails to mention that he is inside for rape.

The top of Dyer’s Facebook page reads: “I am currently residing in Broadmoor hospital!“, something that should alert a possibly correspondent to his nature.

Says a spokesman for the hospital: “The patient says he does not want to be on Facebook and is trying to get it removed.”

Which makes us wonder how Dyer is attempting to lure girls to his nest, the one behind the metal doors and security screens?

Note: Good luck with removing that Facebook profile. Once on, there is no deleting

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