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Big Brother’s Fight To The Death

by | 16th, July 2008

PSSST! Wanna hear “Another great STAR Exclusive”?

Or would you rather not know: “BIG BROTHER RIOTTERS TRASH TELLY HOUSE”?

For those of you who do want to know, the Star brings front-page news that Big Brother housemates are “at war”. And the weapons of choice are food, toothpaste and rubber gloves filled with water and smeared with sun cream, possibly made in China and honed in Iran.

Big Brother has been axed in Australia and this might be a fight to the death.

The Star also spots Rebecca Shiner’s Weapons Of Mass Distraction, two enormous potato fields of flesh she uses to confuse enemy radar and pick up tabloid chatter.

All told it’s not much of a war, and what with their being not a single knife, the big Brother house might be the safest place in Britain…

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