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Robert Murat’s Trial By Media

by | 16th, July 2008

This is the very first time I have typed the name Robert Murat in Anorak, writes AGW.

Not the first time I have commented on the situation, but the first time I have actually addressed either the name or the circumstances he found himself in when caught up in the curious and terrible story of the missing child Madeleine McCann.

Twelve months ago I and others in admin. here were concerned re the repeated attempts to libel Murat and the McCanns. We introduced a strict policy and the Moderators worked at breakneck pace to keep up with and edit the flood of not-so-sensible things to write. They did an incredible and exhausting job. None of you will ever know just how hard they worked.

Trial by jury is bad enough, but at least, there, lawyers and judges have format and structure to the Rules of Evidence and proof of guilt. Trial by media has no such frills and the clamour in the Opinion section of this site was deafening.

What ever the awards announced tomorrow in the Murat U.K. libel deal, he richly deserves the compensation he will receive. Not a penny of it will help remove the deep scars and character stain thrust upon him by the British Tabloids (and broadsheets). At present he remains not quite a suspect under the arguido legislation of Portugal. Should he ever be charged and convicted in any matter concerning this case then the settlement is at risk. The same applies to others.

I have a number of friends who decided to become Lotus eaters in Portugal…it happens to be the country which has the oldest alliance of any nation with Britain…but they all now say the affection shown to the British by the people of Portugal, the average person in the marina or bar, the Mr and Mrs Costas and Mr and Mrs de Silvas, has changed dramatically for the worse.
Britons no longer hold the position of trust or tolerance as the bemused eccentrics they were once observed to be. This sad, gross, affair has poisoned the relationships built up over centuries. No amount of PR or cries of “ludicrous” will repair the damage. Each time the Portuguese police are criticised for another alleged failure, the poisoned chalice gets more bitter and is now almost impossible to scour.

Six months ago an Opinions sometimes contributor gave us this to read:
Madeleine….A Media Tragedy…an Anorakian View The headline was mine but the article was SPUDGUN’s

It remains as lengthy as it was then but I suggest anyone who is interested in a genuine “I told you so” should read it again.

It is a sobering indictment of not just the British Press but the insularity and Johnny Foreigner attitude of the British people. It remains one of the most brilliant summaries of the position as it was six months ago and very little has changed since then. The MCanns were involved in a reputed £50O,000 tort settlement with the Express group and Robert Murat’s claims will be agreed tomorrow.

I was uncomfortable and edgy after perusing SPUDGUN’s piece a second time. Were I less hard-bitten and cynical, I may even have blushed.
I think I regret I did not.

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