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Andrew Bolt Spots The End Of Global Warming

by | 18th, July 2008

ANDREW Bolt looks at global warming, and how, well, it�s not happening.

These are the seven graphs that should make you ask: What? Has global warming now stopped?

Look for yourself. They show that the world hasn�t warmed for a decade, and has even cooled for several years.

Sea ice now isn�t melting, but spreading. The seas have not just stopped rising, but started to fall.

Nor is the weather getting wilder. Cyclones, as well as tornadoes and hurricanes, aren�t increasing and the rain in Australia hasn�t stopped falling.

What�s more, the slight warming we saw over the century until 1998 still makes the world no hotter today than it was 1000 years ago.

In fact, it�s even a bit cooler…

Lots of hot air, though…


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