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Shane Richmond On Private Eye And SEO

by | 18th, July 2008

WRITES Shane Richmond in the Telegraph:

When Private Eye dabbles in the internet the result is usually both comic and alarming. It’s like having a blacksmith repair your car; it’s amusing to watch him bash around aimlessly for a minute but you soon start to worry that he might do some real damage.

According to Eye:

news hacks are sent a memo three or four times a day from the website boffins listing the top subjects being searched in the last few hours on Google. They are then exepected to write stories accordingly and/or get as many of those key words into the first par of their story.”

Martin Samuels takes up the point:

It is therefore, the aim of this column to mention, specifically, lucidly and not in gratuitous list format, the 75 most searched for topics on the web (no 37), in the hope that this will become the page that it is impossible for the Facebook (33) generation to avoid, much like transport chaos in the North London area whenever Arsenal (24) are at home. If successful, 99 per cent of the world’s computer users will be directed to this column as relentlessly as a recent graduate from the super skinny me (36) programme is drawn to a nightspot where Cristiano Ronaldo (56) hangs out. And, forget local issues, the turgid sagas of Newcastle United (34) and Michael Owen‘s (44) missing form, we’re aiming high, going for the worldwide audience: from Pakistan (74) to Cyprus (45). And on that note I would like to wish all my readers a happy Chinese new year (71).

SEO gets you noticed – the writers maintain the audience…

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