Anorak News | Madonna A-Rod Sex Movie Makes It To First Base

Madonna A-Rod Sex Movie Makes It To First Base

by | 21st, July 2008

NO small shock that Madonna has become embroiled in a “SEX VIDEO SHOCK” in which she, allegedly, fails to simulate sex.

Having seen the singer simulate spanking, simulate losing her virginity and simulate sex on your coffee table in a book called Sex – it featuring photos of Madge simulating lesbianism, homosexuality and sadomasochism – news that Madonna possibly has sex is worthy of the Star’s front page.

The paper says Madonna and Alex Rodriguez, a US baseball player, have been caught “locked in a steamy romp”.

Those familiar with Madonna’s oeuvre may well suspect that the entire raunch-fest, if it exists, is covered in billows of steam, the vapour secreting the detail.

But we warned, we live in an age of technological marvels. How long until a computer wizard peers though the steam and sees that Madonna is wearing a winceyette nightie and A-Rod, as he his nicknamed, is protecting his modesty behind an oversized marrow and salopettes?

For the woman who talks about sex in public, might we be more shocked if she turns out to be a prude in private?

Of course the sex tape might not exist. The “sleazy cameraman” the Stars says has the tape in his possession, and who is demanding £1million for broadcast rights, might be wrong.

That’s not Madonna have sex with A-Rod. It’s just plant pot, a boiling kettle and lots of background wailing…

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