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heat Magazine And The Seven Celebrity Dwarves

by | 22nd, July 2008

WANT to see the “The beach pics they DON’T want you to see”.

Heat magazine has pictures of celebrities in various states of public undress. The aim of heat is to turn the mighty into dwarves:

In no particular order, the shrunken celebs are:

“PASTY!” – Julia Roberts
“BLIMEY!” – Uma Thurman
“FLOPSY!” – Kelly Brook
“MAN NAPPY!” – Duncan James
“SWEATY!” – Coleen McLoughlin
“GREASY!” – Celine Dion

All we need now is a medic.

So here’s Rod Stewart, looking not too much unlike Gordon Ramsay, albeit with more aroused hair and skin the colour, and possibly the texture, of last night’s lobster bisque. Over the page and it turns out that it is Gordon Ramsay, or else he and Rod Stewart have ordered the same thing.

Whoever it is, it looks sore.


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