Anorak News | Gordon Smart Passes Off Amy Winehouse’s Waxwork

Gordon Smart Passes Off Amy Winehouse’s Waxwork

by | 25th, July 2008

AMY Winehouse is appearing at Madame Tussauds.

The Sun’s pouting Gordon Smart says he has created his own “filthy, sweaty, scarred model”. Why, he does not say, but we imagine it’s to save the Sun the trouble of paying the paparazzi for pictures of Winehouse looking waxy faced and standing very still.

The Star seems to have gotten its hands on Smart’s effigy, and will surely pay him royalties for publishing it as an actual picture of the chanteuse.

The paper’s Cameron Millar says Winehouse looks “tatty… blotchy… matted… sweaty and dishevelled”. It’s as if the air conditioning has broken at Madame Tussauds.

In truth, most of the exhibits at the waxwork museum could be interchangeable, and if you were to remove Winehouse’s hair and make-up, she could pass for Miley Cyrus, Robert Mugabe or, if the hair is left on, Tony Blair.

Indeed, with some pruning and melting, Winehouse could remseble the sun’s AMrt, oir David Gest…

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