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Big Brother 9: Kathreya Kasisopa Love You Engrish

by | 26th, July 2008

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IT’S Big Brother’s Kathreya Kasisopa. And the Sun says she has a “secret ex-husband nearly 30 YEARS her senior”.

It’s a tabloid secret, a nugget of information the Sun has unearthed by fearless journalism and asking, “Have you ever been married?”

Anorak had been under the impression that Katreya was Benny Hill and Burt Kwok’s love child. But we are learning the truth about her.

Says Paramedic Malcolm Burton, 58, who married Kat in June 2002:

“The night before our wedding I was in the bath and she came in and offered to give me a head massage. I suddenly realised she was dying my hair black for the big day. When I tried to stop her she held me down and said she did not want to walk down the aisle with an old grey man.”

Great days. But how did he and the Thai bride meet?

“I first cast eyes on her when she was helping out her uncle in his local Thai restaurant after she came to the country to study English. At the time I was living with my elderly mum and we’d often go to there for a meal. Kat used to serve me and was so funny — the way she mispronounced her English and turned that into humour.”

Kat’s Engrish is why she’s in the house. It’s Big Brother. Its edgy. It’s Mind Your Languge on alcopops…

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