Anorak News | Dan Abrams Sees Proof Of Fox Bias In John McCain’s Face

Dan Abrams Sees Proof Of Fox Bias In John McCain’s Face

by | 26th, July 2008

JOHN McCains does not look a day over 63 on Fox:

MSNBC’s Dan Abrams was all smiles on Thursday as he aired what he described as proof of Fox News going over the line in an attempt to make Republican presidential candidate John McCain look good.

“If you have any question whether Fox News is in the tank for McCain,” exclaimed Abrams, “this should wipe any doubt from your mind. Fox is actually trying to make John McCain look younger.”

MSNBC and Fox have recently been at war over their respective coverage of the presidential campaign, with Fox being particularly critical of Keith Olbermann’s apparent partisanship. Earlier this month, Fox anchor Chris Wallace accused MSNBC of being “in the tank” for Obama — and Abrams was clearly thrilled at the chance to hit back.

Over a “Beat the Press: Fox Anti-Aging Fix” graphic, Abrams urged, “Take a good look at the senator and the video they use.” He then showed a clip in which Fox ran video of a strangely youthful and vigorous-looking McCain at a campaign rally to accompany a story about McCain’s current campaign schedule. However, the video also prominently features a sign reading “,” which at one point is even waved in front of McCain’s face.

“Fox is actually using eight year old video to discuss today’s activities,” Abrams marveled. He concluded cheerfully, “They report — you decide.”

John McCain is 23…

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