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Bores To Manual: Julia Hollander Explains Her Climate Change Campaign

by | 27th, July 2008

JULKIA Hollander, the mother of a child she gave up,  who wrote a book about it,  which upset India Knight, also wrote a book about Indian Folk Theatres, is a green campaigner who shunned air travel, until she gave it up.

Now read on:

At the outset, I thought I could persuade (friends) to join me — if we all stop flying, I urged, we can radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions… (and) avert terrifying climate change.

Passions flew… I became tearful. When one long-haul addict scoffed that volcanoes rather than aeroplanes were to blame for global warming, I lost my rag — ‘I hope your children will be the first to starve to death!’

I realised I had to be patient… I needed to be calm and rational, stop preaching and start reading up on the facts… One example of this new approach was when I informed a neighbour that the new draught-proofing would do little to reduce her carbon footprint: no more than one tonne of CO2 a year, whereas if she stopped taking her family on meditation courses to India, they could save nearly 40. A year later she is still not speaking to me.

I don’t seem able to avoid offending people. I try convincing them that abstinence is a positive experience… But they always suspect a subtext of austerity and deprivation…

I object to my status as the local hair-shirter. What good is it, anyhow? I meant it to be a group effort, but after all this time I am still one vestal virgin among thousands of revellers… Enough. I have made up my mind: after three years of solitary sustainability, I need to be normal again… I am off to rejoin the high life…

There’s a book in this…

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