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Carey On Max Mosley: Living The Dream

by | 27th, July 2008

OLD Mr Anorak dreamed about Max Mosley last night.

The head of world motor sport (Mosley) was dressed in a red robe, white Crimplene wig and black suspenders. He was banging a gavel and demanding that our patron took £60,000 on pain of holding the court in contempt.

OMA awoke to find it had all been a dream and the truth was that his judge was the grandson of an old pal and Mosley, and not him, had gotten the cash.

OMA then fell back asleep and was met by the vision of an elderly man dressed in a mauve cassock calling himself George Carey.

The man was telling the News of the Screws that “This is a bleak, deeply-flawed ‘anything goes’ philosophy. It is also dangerous and socially undermining, devoid of the basic, decent moral standards that form the very fabric of our society.”

OMA then awoke once more to discover that the Grand Prix was still on and there were 43 lapzzzzzzz…

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