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Too Cuil For Google

by | 28th, July 2008

GOOGLE is watching you. Google knows all. Google is your freind. So is Cuil, and it’s pronounced “cool.”

In her two years at Google, Anna Patterson helped design and build some of the pillars of the company’s search engine, including its large index of Web pages and some of the formulas it uses for ranking search results.

Now, along with her husband, Tom Costello, and a few other Google alumni, she is trying to upstage her former employer.

On Monday, their company, Cuil, is unveiling a search engine that they promise will be more comprehensive than Google’s and that they hope will give its users more relevant results.

“I think it will be better,” Costello said in an interview. “But there is no question that the public has to decide.”

Build it. And with any luck, Google will buy it…

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