Anorak News | Big Brother 9: Bully For Rachel Rice And Hitler

Big Brother 9: Bully For Rachel Rice And Hitler

by | 29th, July 2008

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BIG BROTHER is embroiled in a new “BULLY ROW”.

Oh, for those innocent days, when we sat in our Big Brother hides, looking on for sings of talent and under-the-duvet breeding. Now the twitching is all about the bitching, and news is that Welsh bird Rachel Rice is on the receiving end.

“You’re a liar and sell out,” says Rex to Rachel.

Yeah, that’s bullying. You can keep your kebab shop shankings and tag-team happy slapping. What worse is there than callings someone fake?

It’s the nadir of Big Brother hurt. If Hitler had been on Big Brother, he’d have limped into the Dairy Room and moaned: “Call me a mass murderer, call me a racist and a one-testicled freak, but call me faker and I’ll show you just how touchy I can really be.”

“I’d swap you for Scrabble,” said Rex, in a rare display of humour. Although he may have been thinking about using his new celebrity to occupy Carol Vorderman’s spot on Countdown?

Says Stuart: “What have I always said about Rachel?”

Blank looks.

“A fake.”

Says Rachel: “The worst part of all is that people think I’m a fraud.”

But what is she pretending to be? Answers in the form of a hissy fit to the usual address…

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