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Big Brother 9: The Premier League Plot

by | 30th, July 2008

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NEWS on the Star’s cover page that seven “BIG BROTHER FIXERS TO FACE BOOT”.

The Star has learned of a “sensational secret-code plot to fix the show”.

Anorak has been replaying old tapes, alongside watching the live feed, and can confirm that the code involves the angle of Rex’s parting, the tone and duration of Mohamed’s grapsing and the number of times Lisa blinks in any given hour.

The Star also notes that some housemates have been assigned football teams. So now Rex, Mohamed, Darnell, Rachel and Stuart are up for eviction, along with Luke and Dale.

Interestingly, Darnell was Arsenal, Dale was Liverpool and – shock of shocks – Luke was Manchester United.
Football fans are outraged.

Says one United fan: “I cannot f****g believe a chinless spod like Luke that would be United. Lisa, yes. Maysoon, yes. But Luke… It’s an outrage…”

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