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Selling Knife Crime: Eros’s Arrow And Selfridge’s Red Hearts T-Shirts

by | 30th, July 2008

THE Mirror is outraged. On sale in Selfridges, London, is a T-shirt for The Red Hearts, an LA punk band.

The T-shirt features a drawing of a blade on the wearer’s heart and some red ink that trails into the lettering “THE RED HEARTS”.

Janina Rout, 47, shopper, mother, was appalled:

“The shirt was among clothes aimed at young men around the age currently being killed in knife attacks…It’s not the sort of message they should be putting across at the moment when knife crime is such a problem. Even more shocking was that a lad was stabbed to death on Oxford street a few weeks before.”

A Crimestoppers spokesman, tells us: “This is fashion at its most reckless. We are amazed that a quality store like Selfridges could be so naive with its buying.”

Anorak agrees. If knife crime is to be stopped, we need to do the following and more:

1. Teach our young to stop holding knives like a cigarette
2. Adopt chop sticks as the UK table norm
3. Bring back Joe Brown and spoons playing
4. Start calling knives “fluffy bunnies”
5. Have a heated debate
6. Replace Eros’ arrows at Piccadilly Circus with a cotton wool bud

Says a spokesman for Selfridges said: “We can confirm that following a complaint the T-shirt was withdrawn.

“We apologise for any offence caused.”

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