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Gareth Gates Says I Do

by | 31st, July 2008

GARETH GATES has got married in a castle.

Not a Hardcastle, although on hearing the news Old Mr Anorak did say that his average age is nine-nine-nine-ninety.

Gareth Gate is getting married in Belvoir Castle…

Hey, it wasn’t us that mentioned Gareth’s stammer, but OK which says: “How on earth would the young prince ever muster the courage to speak to a woman?”

Gates is not a prince, and if he was then Will Yonug, who beat him to the Pop Idol crown, would be king, and a gay king would never do, not since you know who was on the throne. Gay princes, on the other hand, remain de rigueur.

And Gates doesn’t really have to speak to a woman, more address the vicar. It is the vicar’s words Gareth must repeat, and repeat, and repeat and…

“How would he ever be able to say I love you or on the day of his wedding say I do.”

One would hasten to say “slowly and deliberately”. But Gates may not need words. He says this of his love, Suzanne Mole: “Suzanne understood what I was about to propose and she started to cry.”

There is no small danger in guessing what a stammerer is about to say. What price Suzanne saw her man’s lips a tremble and closed the window, made him a cup of tea, ran a bath or said that no man has ever spoken to her in that way and, that’s it, she’s off?

To add to the trickiness, OK! reminds readers, and Gates, that Belvoir is “pronounced Beaver”, so adding a new level of challenge to Gate’s day.

He should also know that “I do” is pronounced “red lorry yellow lorry”…

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