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Madeleine McCann: The Maddie Crunch, Goncarlo Amaral’s Interview And Lawyers

by | 1st, August 2008

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THE PORTUGAL NEWS ONLINE: “Minster praises GNR performance during Maddie case”

Portugal’s Home Affairs Minster, Rui Pereira, told the country this week he believed the GNR police had acted in an “exemplary” fashion during the Madeleine McCann investigation, and in “close collaboration” with the PJ police.

Exclusive in English: Former ‘Maddie Cop’ interview

It’s detective, cake eater and author Goncarlo Amaral:

TPN: The report leaked last week says that Gerry and Kate were made arguidos on the “merest possibility” that they were involved in the disappearance of their child. Is that accurate?

GA: They were made arguidos on suspicion of two crimes: concealing a body and simulating an abduction and potentially the crime of abandonment. But saying they were made arguidos on the merest possibility that they were involved in the disappearance of their child is not true. The conclusions reached by the team investigating the crime, including colleagues in Britain, are the same as the five points I mention at the end of my book. Perhaps the conclusions reached in this latest report were made to facilitate the archiving of the case and findings were put across in a mild manner. Once you gain access to the case files, you will find that it was not due to a mere possibility…


TPN: Did the police offer a plea bargain to Kate McCann?

GA: No…


TPN: How do you see the lawsuit that you might face over your book?

GA: My book is based on facts. It could be a good occasion to take all the case files to court and compare what I wrote with that which is contained in the files.


What next? A sequel?

TPN: What next lies ahead for you?

GA: I have had a number of proposals, but in October I am intending on starting my practical training as a lawyer, as I already have a law degree, but never practised.

Madeleine’s disappearance starts taking its toll on Praia da Luz

According to reports in the Portuguese press this week, the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz, from where toddler Madeleine McCann went missing last year on May 3rd, has laid off at least half a dozen employees following poor occupational rates, said to be half the number registered 12 months ago.

And money. People have less money. Maddie crunch. Credit crunch.

THE PORTUGAL RESIDENT: Tell-all book is launched amid a blaze of publicity

During the book launch and signing session at Lisbon department store El Corte Inglés, Gonçalo Amaral, when asked by a British journalist what he thought of the McCanns’ intention to sue him, replied ambiguously: “A good person (i.e. an innocent person) does not reply to provocations” 

Yes, always good to keep your, er, dignity, Mr Amaral…

GLASGOW DAILY RECORD: “Maddie Case File Released”

Lawyers for Kate and Gerry McCann have seen police files on their missing daughter Madeleine. Two solicitors acting for the couple travelled yesterday to the Algarve regional centre in Portimao, where the papers have been kept locked away.

And what did they find?

After trawling the 20,000-page folder, they will be joined by their boss, Rogerio Alves, who has been acting for the couple since they were made official suspects, or “arguidos”, last September.

And what will he find?

Says Clarence Mitchell: “At last, Kate and Gerry will be able to discover what was, and what was not, done on behalf of Madeleine. But, even if there are any ‘Eureka!’ moments, we won’t be making them public.”

Will someone else be making them public, then?

“All previously unknown leads will be passed first to our investigators, who are poised to check them out.”

Ah, yes, the mighty Metodo 3. It will be over by Chritsmas…


The lawyers are doubling as detectives? The detectives are training as lawyers. Who will save us?

The files contain details of interviews with hundreds of potential witnesses who were in and around the resort of Praia da Luz last May when Madeleine disappeared.

The files are also understood to contain scores of reported sightings of the little girl from around the world, many of which were simply discounted by the police.

Unlike the tabloids which seemed to follow up every sighting.

As well as potential leads, the McCanns’ lawyers will be assessing whether the files would support legal action against the Portuguese police for the way they conducted the inquiry.

Legal action in which country, Portugal?

THE SCOTSMAN: “McCanns scan police papers”

The McCanns were largely kept in the dark about the official inquiry, because of Portuguese laws governing police investigations.

BOLTON NEWS: McCanns must maintain their dignity

There are still many people critical of how the McCanns left their children sleeping while they socialised with friends, albeit close by. But, they have a rare chance to be ongoing spokespersons for thousands of missing children and their heartbroken families.

Unfortunately, if they continue their sniping campaign in Portugal, they are likely to lose much public sympathy.

Let’s have a heated debate…

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