Anorak News | Big Brother 9: Mute Maysoon’s April Rains

Big Brother 9: Mute Maysoon’s April Rains

by | 1st, August 2008

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MAYSOON, everybody. It’s the Big Brother housemate (emeritus) who sounds like a patois greeting in April. It’s Big Brother’s May-soooooon…

Hats off to Big Brother for following the arrival of its first disabled housemate, the blind sighted Mikey, with the mute Maysoon.

So much for tokenism.

It may well turn out that each of the housemates has a disability and we commend to your attention Luke’s tic, Lisa’s cement face and Stuart’s breasts.

Anyhow, the Star has “MAYSOON: My story AND sexiest pics ever”.

But it turns out that the story consists of Maysoon offering a closed-mouth smile, and her sexiest pics ever are not all that sexy, although they may be the sexisest ever pictures of her…

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