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Roger Took: How The Media Treated The Establishment Paedophile

by | 2nd, August 2008

PAEDO! What does he look like in the mainstream media. A socially inept, unkempt loon. But: 

Depravity exists and we are all aware that there are dangerous paedophiles at large. However, what is remarkable about Took’s case is that his respectability and status blinded some who knew him to the true horror of his crimes and, to an extent, protected him from the public outrage that normally follows the exposure of such appalling acts against children. Took’s sentencing was followed by one UK internet news report and a single paragraph in a side column of the Saturday edition of the Times. Compare that with the enormous publicity and accompanying outcry following the conviction of 64-year-old Arthur Morley, jailed indefinitely just two weeks ago for having the ‘worst child porn collection ever found in Britain’, according to several news agencies, including the BBC, ITN and Sky. Morley was very publicly slated whereas Took’s high profile as an art historian of note means that some are still unwilling or unable to believe the full extent of how dangerous he is. After his conviction, one of his woman friends emailed Took’s wife, Pat, saying, ‘I choose God’s way and I know He would forgive Roger… We have no right to judge and to destroy a person’s life when he wants to live a different life.’ The woman clearly could not, or chose not to, grasp the destruction Took himself had wreaked.

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