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Barry George Does Big Brother

by | 3rd, August 2008

BELOW the news that Barry George is “quitting Britain”, the Daily Star reports on Big Brother: “LUKE MY STORY – YES BEX – YES I WANT SEX”.

George may realise that attracting a mate requires something more sophisticated than stalking, such as announcing it via a national newspaper.

Look out for wannabe stalkers strapping on sandwich boards bearing the legend “I AM HUNTING YOU” and waiting for women to wander past.

In an exclusive, tell-all interview with the Daily Star Sunday, the Luke Marsden, Big Brother housemate emeritus, “confessed how he… can’t wait to ply her with booze and have his wicked way…”

Readers might wonder if this is an extract from George’s dairies or a D-list celeb telling all?

See if you can guess whose saying the following lines, George or Marsden:

“I don’t know what love is but this is the closest thing I have felt to it”

“I can’t wait to spend the night with her. I don’t condone taking advantage of drunk women – but I’ll buy her a bottle of wine and I’ll be sorted!”

“I have a lot of self-control so I was able to stop myself getting too excited – although I obviously got aroused and had bodily urges”

“There was lots of snogging, or intimate kissing as I prefer to call it. We did a bit of touching but I did not climax”

All Marsden. Barry George is confused…

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