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The Daily Mail’s Knee Monitoring Service: Lulu

by | 4th, August 2008

AGEING is disgusting. And the Mail continues its look at they who would revolt us by focusing on Lulu’s knees.

The Mail’s Knee Monitoring Service has taken in Melanie Griffith’s knees, Kate Moss’s knees, Nicollette Sheridan’s knees, Nicky Hilton’s knees, Victoria Beckham’s knees, Eva Longoria’s knees, Jennifer Lopez’s knees, Paris Hilton’s knees, Mischa Barton’s knees, Nicole Kidman’s knees, Charlotte Church’s knees, Nigella Lawson’s knees and Angela Rippon’s knees

From the top of her beehive to the hem of her black studded minidress, she could pass for a woman half her age – and a pretty cool one at that.

Of course, women half Lulu’s 89 years are swigging alcopops, weighing in at 18 stone plus and dating their granddaugther’s immigrant pimp lover at the taxpayers’ expense. But go on:

But the knees never lie. The outfit that Lulu wore to a music festival in London revealed a pair of distinctly wrinkly joints.

The Mail says Lulu can’t “hold back” the signs of ageing. But she could at least try to roll it up and tuck the loose skin and cartilage into her G-string or bra.

Has she no shame?

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