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The Rubbish Police Are Coming To Your Bin

by | 4th, August 2008

HEAR that rustling and grinding noise? It’s the sound of the “rubbish police”. No, not the Portuguese cops. This is the real rubbish police, and they’re coming to a wheelie bin near you.

“£110 FINE IF YOU OVERFILL A BIN,” announces the Mail’s front-page headline. Says the paper: “Families who break the bin rules and overfill will get a £110 fine… more than a drunken yob would receive…”

Unfair, no doubt. But would a drunken yob really bother to put his rubbish in a wheelie bin? More likely he’d chuck it in the street, or – worse – put his rubbish in your bin, or light it and stuff it though your letter box.

Householders who put too much rubbish in their bins face tougher punishments than shoplifters and drunken louts.

The question is: can a drunken lout or a shoplifter be a householder? Discuss…

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