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Glasgow Killer Sentenced To A Pub Ban

by | 4th, August 2008

EDWARD Flaherty, 74, has been convicted of strangling to death 69-year-old Ina Flaherty with a necktie after she declined to give him money to go to the pub.

Says the Beak, one Lord Matthews, in the Glasgow High Court:

“I have read and considered a number of reports from experts. It is plain to me that if I were to impose that sort of sentence you would be released in a very short time because prison would not be able to cope with your condition.

“Sentencing you would just be a token gesture. I am anxious to impose a sentence that restricts your liberty.

“You still go to the pub where you went with your wife. That must annoy her relatives.

“Not being able to go there will be a more meaningful disposal than a prison sentence which will not last long.”

Says Defence QC Donald MacLeod:

“The report prepared for the court paints a picture of a man in significant physical and mental decline.

“There is a clear diagnosis of dementia setting in. It is a progressive condition and ultimately he will need 24-hour care.

“I am deeply conscious there has been a death here, but this man is very unwell.

Although not as unwell as his good lady wife…

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