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Taking The Piss In Denver: In The Democrat’s Protest Zone

by | 5th, August 2008

POTESTORS at the green Democract convention are advised to remain in the Protest Zone. No kidding. Really..:

Denver officials announced today that the protest zone for Invesco Field where Sen. Barack Obama will deliver his nomination acceptance speech will be in the parking lot. The lot will be fenced.

The fenced-in area will be about 53,000 square feet in Lot J. Delegates entering the convention will pass by the area from between 200 and 400 feet away after they are dropped off for the night’s speech by Sen. Barack Obama.

Protesters will be allowed to use bullhorns, and the city will provide a stage, amplification equipment, and at least two speakers that will be located outside the zone and pointing toward Invesco Field at Mile High.

Here’s the map (pdf) showing Lot J.


Freedom in Denver; Marines in Denver; No fat kids in Denver.

It takes the piss:

KJCT8 reports:

A new kind of warning has come up about protesters gearing up for the Democratic National Convention.

Denver firefighters have learned of a house full of urine being stored to throw at police. An internal memo is warning first responders that disgusting acts are a significant concern.

Protesters in other cities have used urine and feces filled balloons to throw at police and there are concerns that could happen during the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Denver City Councilman Doug Linkhart has proposed an ordinance to keep protesters from carrying the so called urine bombs or other liquids in the protest areas.

Can you carry urine in your own bladder? Is that illegal in the Land of the Free?

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