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Police Log: Too Fat To Die And Mummy Killed Daddy

by | 5th, August 2008

POLICE LOG: Crime in the news…

CONVICTED rapist and murderer too fat to die:

A death row inmate scheduled for execution in October says he’s so fat that Ohio executioners would have trouble finding his veins and that his weight could diminish the effectiveness of one of the lethal injection drugs.

Lawyers for Richard Cooey argue in a federal lawsuit that Cooey had poor veins when he faced execution five years ago and that the problem has been worsened by weight gain.

They cite a document filed by a prison nurse in 2003 that said Cooey had sparse veins and that executioners would need extra time.

“When you start the IV’s come 15 minutes early,” wrote the nurse who examined Cooey. “I don’t have any veins.”

Mummy’s Home:

Mary Winkler, the woman convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the 2006 shooting death of her minister husband, has taken custody of her three daughters, one of her lawyers said Monday.

Rachael Putnam, a custody attorney, said the former minister’s wife picked the girls up Friday from the slain man’s parents, Dan and Diane Winkler.

Says her lawyer:

“It should be seen as a sign that the family is healing,” Putnam said of the custody arrangement. “It’s a good thing for everyone.”

Everyone? Daddy…

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